Idea Validation

You'll get a custom-designed landing page (not a template) with lead capture and payment capability. It will be your strongest tool to validate your concept and build initial traction before we start coding.

Rapid Prototyping

More than just a prototype: we'll build an actual, working web app. Starting with our proprietary boilerplate, we bring your idea to life with your distinctive features.

How it Works

  1. You have an idea
    Ideas are a lot of fun, but they aren’t worth much by themselves. Will anyone pay you for your idea? That’s where we come in.
  2. Validate it
    We help you create a landing page, or improve the one you already have, to collect leads which you can contact and interview to pre-sell your idea.
  3. Build it
    We’ll use Ruby on Rails and our experience to rapidly build a functional prototype with the minimum number of features that are required to test your concept. 
  4. Launch it
    We help you launch your product on ProductHunt, BetaList, and others. 

Enterprise-Grade Features
Startup-Grade Agility

  • Ruby on Rails

    Your app will be built using the latest version of Ruby on Rails. Rails allows us to rapidly reuse and build new components as needed. Ruby on Rails has an excellent track record for rapid prototype deployment and scaling.
  • Solid Authentication

    Industry-standard user authentication and security are built into your app for no additional cost. Your users will be able to create accounts, login, and link social profiles from day one.
  • Rock-Solid Deployment

    We'll deploy your app to Heroku, the gold standard for startup web hosting. Heroku provides effortless app hosting and scaling so that we can focus on building and you can focus on selling.
  • Built-in CMS

    It wouldn’t ba a very good MVP if you can’t change things on the fly. Your app will come with PushType content management system pre-installed so that you can make changes to your marketing site in a hurry.

Professional, Custom Design

Each new MVP that we build is based on our MVP Boilerplate—a fully-functional starter app that contains everything you need except your features. But the boilerplate is just the starting point. We’ll design your beautiful marketing site and build your distinctive features on top, bringing your vision to life.

Let's Get Started

Let's start building your big idea

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